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Poon's London

Poon's Wind Dried Meats Collection

Poon's Wind Dried Meats Collection

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The world of Chinese cured meats is incredibly diverse. As with many Chinese dishes, cured meats vary by region in flavour and production methods. Our signature wind dried pork sausage, wind-dried pork & duck liver sausage and wind-dried Chinese bacon are made to old family recipes, developed by my grandfather. My parents started producing these in London in 1970 and have been making them ever since.

Poon’s wind-dried pork sausage,  “lap cheong”, has a firm texture and mildly sweet flavour, laced with aromatic Chinese rose liqueur. It can be eaten, pan-fried, on its own, steamed on top of jasmine rice or used in any number of stir-fry dishes. It is extremely versatile and moreish!

Poon’s wind-dried pork & duck liver sausage, “yun cheong”, has a deep savoury taste and is best enjoyed simply steamed with jasmine rice. The duck liver lends a rich, nutty, buttery flavour to the sausage which is enhanced by the addition of fragrant Chinese rose liqueur.

Poon’s wind-dried Chinese bacon has a deep complex flavour. Cured in soya sauce, Chinese wine and a blend of spices, then air-dried, the natural extraction of water in the drying process produces an intense and concentrated delicacy. Wind-dried bacon can be simply steamed on Jasmine rice, as in a classic claypot rice with wind-dried meats or used in a variety of stir-fry dishes such as green beans or potato slivers. It should be steamed before stir-frying.

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